Second Class Citizens, a Series: Mixed-Faith Marriage

By Guest

This is part of a guest series exploring the ways the certain members of our own faith feel marginalized. If you would like to contribute your story, please email


By Joanna W.

It’s been 5 years…. Since THIS day….. when Doug told me THIS… and our …read more
Source: Feminist Mormon Housewives

021: Brett Bradshaw on growing up in a devout but progressive Mormon family, his faith crisis, and finding the love of his life

By admin

In part 1 of 4 Brett, who is the son of long-time LGBT allies Marge and William Bradshaw, discusses his Mormon upbringing that was both very traditional but also unique considering his parents progressive politics, his faith crisis that began on his mission, his gradual coming to terms with his …read more
Source: Gay Mormon Stories

Episode 47: Are You an Absent Mother? And Other Mommy Issues

By lindsay

Join Lisa and Rebecca from Radiant and Real health returning to discuss the feelings of guilt and pressure mothers often feel, including not paying enough attention to their children. Rebecca also discusses letting go of and working on other issues with our mothers.

Opening bumper: “A Boy’s Best …read more
Source: Feminist Mormon Housewives Podcast

Gospel Doctrine Lesson #13: “This Generation Shall Have My Word through You”

By EmJen I sure wish chalkboards were linkable. Why? Because then I would begin with this modified Attention Activity*: List some or all of the following subjects on the chalkboard before class begins. Physical nature of the Godhead Our creation in God’s image Apostles and prophets Melchizedek Priesthood Aaronic Priesthood Mode of baptism The …read more
Source: By Common Consent

Women’s Ordination and “Wanting to Be the Bishop”

By rah

The recent discussions around the bloggernacle regarding the ordination of women to the priesthood often surface comments in which women are accused of “wanting to be a bishop”, or the converse, where women declare they don’t want the priesthood because “they don’t want the responsibility of being the bishop”. These …read more
Source: Feminist Mormon Housewives

An Interview with Taylor Petrey, “2013 LDS Scripture Changes” (Episode 21)

By themormonbookreview

Taylor Petrey is an assistant professor of Religion at Kalamazoo College and Director of the Women, Gender, and Sexuality program. His area of specialization is New Testament and Early Christianity . Dr. Petrey received his ThD from Harvard Divinity School (2010), MTS from Harvard Divinity School (2003), and BA in …read more
Source: Mormon Book Review