173: Understanding the Book of Mormon (Gospel Doctrine Lesson 0)

By Jared Anderson

Introduction to the Book of Mormon

Before we begin the Book of Mormon Sunday School year, I sit down (virtually) with Grant Hardy and McArthur Krishna (In North Carolina and India respectively) to review topics important to Book of Mormon Study.

We discuss: 

Away in a Manger: The Smackdown

By Glenn Ostlund

John Hamer, as the little drummer boy (he wore the outfit and everything), pounds away on the Biblical nativity narrative:

Come, they told him, parum-pa-pum-pum
Smack down this Christmas thing, parum-pa-pum-um
John Hamer knows a thing (or two), parum-pa-pum-um
Even if he can’t quite sing, parum-pa-pum-um, rum-pa-pum-um, rum-pa-pum-um
Randy and Glenn …read more
Source: Infants on Thrones