Pride and Humility

By Heather Craw

The infants are so humbled by the tremendous honor of being the chosen few able to discuss this great and important topic of humility.

John, Bob, Jake, Randy, and Heather tackle these magnanimous questions.  Can modesty apply to anything other than shoulder porn?  Is the Mormon concept of humility just code for low self-esteem? If humility isn’t a …read more
Source: Infants on Thrones

318: Are There Fresh and Productive Ways to View the New LGBT Policy/Revelation?

By Dan Wotherspoon

For many of us, the discovery and confirmation in early November 2015 of a new Church policy regarding LGBT couples and their children have led to tremendous despair–pain refreshed again just two weeks ago, on January 10, 2016, as President Russell M. Nelson while speaking to a church-wide audience of …read more
Source: Mormon Matters