152: Josh Brazier: Missions, ‘American Saviors’, Serving and Becoming Teachable

By Gina Colvin

Josh Brazier is the executive director of the Kaizen Foundation which is a non-profit organization that arranges volunteer groups of young people to travel to orphanages around the world where they undertake building, cleaning up, renovation, friendship and relationship projects in South America, Africa and India. I invited Josh onto the show …read more
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Hey Jeremy…

By Glenn Ostlund

Ever wonder why the Infants are such smug, dismissive, judgmental, black-and-white thinking ex-mormons who are no better than the smug, dismissive, judgmental, black-and-white thinking Believing Mormons who they smugly and dismissively mock, and bully, and disrespect again and again and again? Well one listener named Jeremy has and asked …read more
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