164: J. Kirk Richards: Painting into Mystery

By Gina Colvin

J. Kirk Richards’ work is considered  contemporary spiritual.  According to his website “his love of the textural, the poetic, and the mysterious has translated into a unique take on traditional Judeo-Christian themes.”

In this conversation Kirk and I discuss the power of art to disrupt.  We discuss the representation of the feminine …read more
Source: A Thoughtful Faith

162: Suzy Benson Gillies: After the Shelf Broke – Divorce, Transition and Rediscovering Self

By Gina Colvin

For Suzy Benson Gillies everything about her Mormon life seemed perfect and right.  Her family was ‘that’ family.  Stable, happy and devout.  When a belief crisis struck their family everything that gave her meaning and confidence collapsed.  She found herself negotiating a divorce, reconsidering her relationship with the church and wondering …read more
Source: A Thoughtful Faith

DNA Detective Work with Ugo Perego

By admin

Last summer Russell Stevenson of the LDS Perspectives Podcast sat down with Dr. Ugo Perego to discuss his use of DNA research in historical studies.

Early in his career, Ugo used genetic studies in genealogical research. Lately he has expanded his studies to shed light on historical mysteries.

Dr. Perego shares his findings on three topics: …read more
Source: FAIR-Cast