Podcast: Tough Questions about Mormon Polygamy with Brian and Laura Hales (Ft. Dan Peterson)

By FairMormon

Few aspects of Joseph Smith’s life have been scrutinized more in recent years than his personal practice of polygamy.

Some readers’ first exposure to Joseph Smith’s practice of polygamy comes from reading sensational headlines. Exaggerations and assumptions fill internet discussions, podcasts, and newspaper articles, so it …read more
Source: FAIR-Cast

199: Global Mormonism: Lindy Yamamoto and Robert Slaven – Sleeping Next to an Elephant (Canada)

By Gina Colvin

Too often the unique cultural identity of Canadian Mormonism gets lost in the noise of their neighbours to the South.  In 1977 Canadian author Margaret Atwood, said of the United States:

“About the only position, they have adopted towards us, country to country, has been the missionary position, and we are …read more
Source: A Thoughtful Faith

243.2: Heaven on Earth (D&C Gospel Doctrine Lesson 20)

By Jared Anderson

The Kingdoms of Glory

One of the gospel’s great contributions is its expansive, detailed, and powerful description of the Plan of Salvation–encompassing more than simply the afterlife, the scriptures describe multiple steps–the pre-existence, earth life, the spirit world, and then the kingdoms of glory. In this episode we …read more
Source: Mormon Stories Sunday School