Part 1 of An Interview with Brian C. Hales “Joseph’s Smith’s Polygamy” (Episode 19)

By themormonbookreview

Brian C. Hales, board-certified anesthesiologist in Layton, Utah, graduated from Utah State University with a B.S. in biology and from the University of Utah, College of Medicine. This book is his seventh. His Modern Polygamy and Mormon Fundamentalism: The Generations after the Manifesto (Salt Lake City: Kofford Books, 2007) …read more
Source: Mormon Book Review

027-028: Brian C. Hales on Joseph Smith’s Polygamy

By Sarah Collett

I had the privilege of speaking with Brian Hales about his upcoming three-volume history of Joseph Smith’s Polygamy, published by Greg Kofford Books. Brian is a practicing anesthesiologist, author and scholar of Mormon History, with emphasis on Mormon Fundamentalism and Plural Marriage. He is also an active, faithful …read more
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