230: Race and the Making of The Mormon People: Max Mueller

By Gina Colvin

How racist was Joseph Smith?  Can the LDS Church really claim Jane Manning James as an example of Joseph Smith’s progressive ideals?  There’s plenty of evidence to suggest that Joseph Smith had a theological imagination for Indigenous Americans, but what did he really think of African Americans?

Historian Max Mueller, author …read more
Source: A Thoughtful Faith

275.3: Flood and Tower of Babel (OT Gospel Doctrine Lesson 6, Study Notes)

By Jared Anderson

“Noah … Prepared an Ark to the Saving of His House”

This episode concludes with

  • A discussion of the flood and Tower of Babel narratives in Biblical and historical context (as well as reviewing a few other Ancient Near Eastern Flood stories)
  • Some theological possibilities for understanding the relationship …read more
    Source: Mormon Stories Sunday School